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"We have become workaholic on Tiger Conservation."

Supported by the World Wildlife Fund, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) and American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association (ACIA) initiated a Planning Committee for the establishment of the Chinese Association for World Wildlife Conservation. The preface of the article "We Have Become Workaholic on Tiger Conservation" introduces how they have worked on launching a "Save Tigers in the Year of the Tiger" campaign.

Having been working day and nights, the leadership team of the Chinese Association for World Wildlife Conservation successfully organized tiger conservation activities such as the signature drive for the promotion of "Saving Tigers in the Year of the Tiger" aiming for ten thousand signatures, Tiger Painting contest for children in the Year of the Tiger, Children's Signature Drive for Tiger Conservation Contest, and Tiger Awareness Day tour in San Francisco Zoo.

CAWWC leadership team shifted their emphasis on educating the Chinese medicine practitioners and customers about the wildlife conservation activities because of their children who have read the supplementary texts published by CAWWC. Such activities are : (1) distribution of the posters "Stop Illegal Trading in Tiger Products & Rhino Horn" to Chines Medicinal shops throughout the Bay Area, (2) publication of "Saving Tiger in the Year of the Tiger" newsletters, (3) production and distribution of "Save the Tiger" shopping bags for Chinese stores, and (4) the publication of supplementary textbook Pictures and Words of Tiger Conservation for children, teachers and parents in Chinese schools.

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